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Jeanette Schuhmacher

Jeanette Schuhmacher - Founder
Jeanette Schuhmacher is the Founder/Owner of Contract 2 Close Management. As a former realtor and almost 18 years in the Real Estate industry, Jeanette’s extensive background has made her an expert with problem solving, focus on detail, compliance and the entire transaction process. Her 5 star customer service is second to none.

Nicole Merwin

Nicole Merwin - Certified Transaction Manager
Having been exposed to and working within the real estate industry from a young age, Nicole uses a well-honed blend of analysis and intuition to best position her clients for success. A licensed Realtor since 2013, Nicole quickly became a top producer in North East Nevada before relocating to Reno and focusing on transaction management. Over 400+ transactions have come to fruition with Nicole’s oversight.